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Step Work

Unity : The Recovery Connector

Introducing the new recovery support tool for the online generation

Download the new Clean and Sober Recovery App, enjoy the new 12 Step Program APP by creating a profile today !  

Join Unity APP's facebook page www.facebook.com/Unityapp  and see what people are saying about Unity APP


  • Join over 170,000 meetings on line, find your homegroup and use technolgy for GSR reports, cake anoucments and more
  • Geo Locate other addicts and alcoholics when treavelling
  • Post and Search Recovery Events around the world
  • Listen to over 15,000 Speaker Tapes
  • View Classifieds for things like Clean and Sober Roommates, free stuff for newcomers
  • Surf or Post the only Business Directory of Recovery Friendly businesses, coupons too!
  • Be reminded of Friends recovery milestones and send them a “congratulations note
  • Follow people and make a friends list
  • Don’t be shy about your recovery, post your recovery experiences on a private social media network, posts that don’t break your anonymity and free of employers eyes
  • Practice Step 2 in a revolutionary way, set your pre-selected settings and ask for help
  • Join Support Groups 
  • Newsfeeds are free of “sponsored posts”
  • Create your own Speaker Tape and share
  • Support Circles Messenger, prefect for Service Groups 
  • Do Step Work
  • Do your Journal
  • Be of service and help tourists who are traveling in your neighbourhood





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